Corporate and Business Transactions

From her years in the reinsurance industry and a former “buyer” of legal services, Ms. Morehead learned what is important to corporate clients; informed, efficient and quality legal services. That is what she provides to her clients, which range from large national companies in the insurance and other industries to small family owned businesses. Whether the matter involves entity formation, corporate governance, an acquisition or joint venture, or development of a business plan, Ms. Morehead assists her clients with a strong commitment to service.

Ms. Morehead’s provides a wide array of corporate and business legal services including:

Business Law and Business Transactions:

Ms. Morehead has extensive experience in a broad range of business transactions and business matters, including representation of businesses, business owners and business lenders in sales and purchases of businesses and business assets, business finance,, including financing related to purchases of businesses and assets, such as equipment; drafting, negotiation and review of contracts, agreements and other business documents, including purchase and sales agreements, service contracts, vendor contracts, leases employment agreements and financing documents. 

Formation of Corporations, LLCs and other Business Entities:

Ms. Morehead is experienced in guiding clients through the process of deciding upon the type of business entity that will best meet the needs of their enterprise and has almost 30 years of experience in formation of business entities. While she was general counsel and corporate secretary of a start up enterprise, funded by GE, she was responsible for the formation and licensing of five insurance and reinsurance companies, and was instrumental in growing the companies’ combined revenue from $40 million to over $100 million. She has served on the board of directors of two national insurance companies and has a wealth of experience in financial analysis, drafting and review of business plans and review of business documents such as loan documents, shareholder agreements, commercial leases, service contracts, trust agreements, and financing documents. She was trained in the GE Six Sigma program, a highly disciplined process that strives to deliver near perfect products and services. 

Mediation and Arbitration Services:

Ms. Morehead was certified in 2003 as a reinsurance arbitrator by the AIDA Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society, a nonprofit corporation that promotes improvement of the arbitration process in the insurance and reinsurance industry. She has completed one reinsurance arbitration, as party counsel, and participated in numerous reinsurance disputes that were resolved prior to arbitration. Her strong commercial law background provides her with the experience and negotiation skills to achieve timely resolution of commercial disputes, both as a mediator and an arbitrator.