Reproductive Attorney

• Experienced reproductive attorney
• Over 25 years of experience
• Licensed in California, New York, and Washington State
• Offers all inclusive fees
• Timely, expert advice in all third party reproductive areas.

Whether you are just beginning the third party reproductive process or are in the midst of it, I can help answer your questions and guide you through this process. I know from personal experience how difficult it is to overcome infertility and I am committed to helping others navigate the often unfamiliar territory of donor contracts, surrogate contracts or other related consents that you need to protect your legal rights. 

In addition to working directly with clients involved at various stages of the third party reproductive process, I also accept referrals from:

Attorneys: I work with attorneys across the U.S. when they have legal concerns involving the third party reproductive process.

Facilitators: There are many facilitators and agencies throughout the U.S. who match intended parties with surrogates and donors. I help their clients and the facilitators themselves with their legal concerns.

Physician Groups: I represent physician groups who are responsible for the assisted reproduction process. They often need answers to questions that arise in the context of their office policies as well as patient management.

Prospective Parents: If you have already identified a donor or surrogate anywhere in the U.S. I can help you define the arrangement and protect your rights and interests.

I can help you with all of your concerns and guide you in every step of the process. I offer all inclusive fee for drafting agreements related to the reproductive process and I am able to provide clients with timely advice, on a “24/7” basis as I do all of the legal work myself. Contact me at (949) 335-1235.