Labor & Employment Law

Both for profit and nonprofit organizations know that a productive positive workplace is important. Strong personnel policies and procedures are critical to operating in today’s litigious environment; but even with comprehensive policies, disagreements can arise that divert the focus away from the mission of the company or organization.

Claudia M. Morehead has close to 30 years of experience representing employers like you, by providing practical answers and advice in the labor and employment law area. She can help you make sound decisions that are consistent with your business priorities and preferences.

Her counseling services include efficient practical advice designed to help you achieve your goals while minimizing the risk of litigation. She has a broad depth of experience having worked in the financial services area for many years. In addition, she has unique experience addressing the labor and employment issues that affect daily operations of churches and other nonprofit organizations. She can assist your organization in drafting and implementing personnel policies that will assist you in managing employment risk. 

Her seminar services offers affordable training seminars for your church or business to ensure that you are in compliance with the technical laws, as well as the recent amendments to both the ADA and FMLA regulations. Subjects covered by her seminars include:

• What needs to be included in your FMLA policy;
• What do the revised regulations require;
• What is the definition of “disability” under the ADA;
• What is an “interactive process”;
• How to avoid legal liability under the FMLA and ADA in dealing with leave of absence issues;
• How to protect your business form the top mistakes that employers make in drafting employee handbooks;
• How to prevent claims of implied contract;
• What are the essential disclaimers your employee handbook should contain;
• Why terms like “probationary period” can be problematic;
• What are the five key disclaimers and qualifiers every handbook should contain.