Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

Ms. Morehead’s experience and expertise ranges from simple business analyses and counseling to managing complex litigation, arbitration and mediation matters. She has a thorough, broad-based understanding of the scope of business, legal, custom and practice, procedural and strategic issues facing business professionals, not only in the insurance and reinsurance arenas but in virtually every type of business litigation. This depth of knowledge and diversity of perspective allows her to approach, address and resolve disputes in a sound, prudent, and efficient manner.

Ms. Morehead has been certified as a reinsurance arbitrator by ARIAS-US since 2004 and maintains an active reinsurance arbitration and mediation practice from her offices in California.

Her practice also includes representation of insurers and insureds in a variety of matters including:

Ms. Morehead believes that winning requires not just legal know-how, but also gathering information from the opposing side. Thorough legal and factual research helps her provide cost-effective representation to her insurance company clients.

The Morehead Firm conducts extensive investigations and discovery proceedings, and thoroughly research the Internet and other sources to gather all the facts, which help her develop compelling arguments. She often wins cases on summary judgment, saving clients the expense and business disruption of a trial. She spends  time to determine the best approach to a case and her  experience, knowledge of insurance and tort law, and access to technology helps her serve her clients in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Further, if there is evidence of a serious mistake on the part of the jury, judge, or an attorney in a civil trial, it may be possible to file for post-judgment relief to have the judgment set aside or the damages reduced without the necessity of an appeal. Ms. Morehead can prepare and present post-judgment relief motions for individuals and companies involved in civil litigation.